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Future Equity Crowdfunding for Existing Cooperatives

Tailored Equity Solutions for Cooperative Expansion

Coop Exchange is building a platform that will specialise in offering bespoke equity crowdfunding solutions for existing cooperatives. Understanding the unique legal structures and governance models under which cooperatives operate, on launch we will facilitate the creation of a new class of restricted or non-voting investor shares. These shares are designed to attract a share of profits while upholding the cooperative’s member-driven ethos.

Investor Shares for Existing Cooperatives

  • Creating New Share Classes: We’re building a solution that assists cooperatives in creating a new class of shares that align with their legal structure and governance model. These shares will typically be restricted or non-voting, ensuring the cooperative's control remains with its members.
  • Profit Sharing, Not Control: Investor shares attract a decided share of profits, offering an appealing return to investors without risking the demutualisation of the cooperative.

Likely to be suitable For

  • Growth and Expansion: Whether you’re looking to expand operations, launch new projects, or improve services, equity crowdfunding can provide the necessary capital.
  • Innovative Projects: Fund innovative initiatives that align with your cooperative’s mission and values, engaging a community of supporters and investors.

Our Future Process

  1. Custom Campaign Design: We’re building a solution that works closely with you to understand your cooperative’s goals and structure a campaign that resonates with potential investors.
  2. Compliance and Legal Advisory: Navigating the legal intricacies of creating new share classes, we’re establishing processes that ensure compliance with relevant laws and cooperative principles.
  3. Engagement and Promotion: Utilise our platform to effectively promote your campaign, engaging with a community of potential investors who value cooperative principles.
  4. Ongoing Support: Post-campaign, we’re building processes into our platform that will provide ongoing support in managing investor relations and facilitating profit-sharing arrangements.

Potential Benefits of Choosing Coop Exchange

  • Cooperative Expertise: Our in-depth understanding of cooperative structures will ensure that our future equity crowdfunding solutions are fully tailored to your needs.
  • Community Engagement: We will emphasize community engagement in future campaigns, aligning your cooperative's financial goals with community support.
  • Transparent and Ethical: We will maintain transparency and ethical standards throughout future campaigns, fostering trust among your members and investors.

To learn more about how Coop Exchange plans to build financial solutions tailored to coops, please contact us at

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