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Upcoming Seed Round Announcement

Be Part of Our Next Growth Phase

At Coop Exchange, we're excited to announce that preparations are underway for the upcoming launch of our seed funding round. This crucial step will help us accelerate our mission to redefine the landscape of cooperative capital and sustainable finance.

Focus on Institutional Investment

  • Targeting Institutional Investors: For this round, we are focusing exclusively on institutional investors. This approach aligns with our current strategic needs and the scale of investment we're seeking.
  • Building a Strong Foundation: The participation of institutional investors is vital for laying a robust foundation for our future growth. Their expertise, networks, and resources will be invaluable in helping us scale our operations and enhance our platform.
  • Please refer to our Regulatory Notice to read important information about what we mean by institutional investors.

Future Opportunities for Wider Investment

  • While our seed round is limited to institutional investors, as part of our mission we are committed to broadening our investor base in future funding rounds and in particular (once authorised) in allowing individuals to share in investment opportunities. We value the interest and support of all potential investors, including retail investors, and look forward to future opportunities that will allow wider participation.
    Unfortunately, for regulatory reasons this is not currently possible – please see our Regulatory Notice.

What This Round Means for Coop Exchange

  • Scaling Our Operations: The seed round will enable us to expand our team, further develop our technology, and begin the rollout of our key services.
  • Enhancing Our Platform: We aim to use the funding to enhance the user experience, ensuring our platform is robust, secure, and ready to meet the needs of our users.
  • Driving Innovation: This round is about more than just capital; it's about driving innovation in sustainable finance and continuing to develop solutions that align with our ethos of ethical investment and cooperative support.

Stay Updated

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Contact Us

  • For institutional investors interested in learning more about the seed round, please contact our investors relations team at

Regulatory Notice

Click here to read our Regulatory Notice which includes important information on who can invest and why.

Rob Wesseling

We see our investment in Coop Exchange as a future-thinking extension of our purpose. Last year, we polled to find over 60% of our market is interested in aligning their investments with their values, however they see limited opportunities and premium costs as barriers. Supporting an exchange dedicated to businesses that reflect those values is going to break down barriers and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Rob Wesseling
Co-operators, President and CEO

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