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Welcome to Coop Exchange: Your Partner in Cooperative Capital and Sustainable Finance

At the Heart of Financial Innovation

Coop Exchange stands as a beacon in the fintech world, redefining the landscape of cooperative capital and sustainable finance. We are not just a company; we are a community, providing sustainable returns while also harnessing the power of finance for the greater good.

Who We Are

Founded by a group of visionary fintech pioneers and sustainability advocates, Coop Exchange embodies a unique blend of cooperative, technology and finance expertise and passion. Our team is a dynamic mix of finance professionals, tech innovators and legal professionals, all committed to ethical and sustainable financial practices.

What We Do

We’re building a platform that specialises in creating and offering financial products and services that resonate with today’s ethical investors and forward-thinking communities. Our platform will become a hub for: Innovative Cooperative Investments: Facilitating meaningful investments in cooperatives and purpose orientated organisations that share our values of sustainability and community empowerment while generating a fair return. Tailored Sustainable Finance Solutions: Providing a suite of sustainable finance options, including green bonds and ESG-focused funds.

Our Unique Approach

Coop Exchange is built on the principles of Innovation, Integrity, and Impact. We employ the latest technology to ensure our services are efficient, secure, and user-friendly. Integrity is at the core of our operations, ensuring transparency and trust in all our interactions. The true measure of our success is not soley about financial returns on investment but also on the impact we have – on individuals, communities, and the environment.

Our Sustainable Ethos

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of everything we do. It influences our decisions, from the organisations that we chose to partner with and those that we will admit for listing to our platform right through to our operational practices. We are committed to being a catalyst for positive change, championing a financial ecosystem that values environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Global Reach

Right now we have a presence in the UK and, through our Malta office, the EU giving us access to over 400 million potential users and change advocates. However, our goal is to establish a network of tech enabled cooperative stock markets around the globe, each of which will be empowered to serve the communities and coop finance needs of the countries in which they are based.

A new finance platform coop

Coop Exchange's founders, committed co-operators at heart, currently navigate the realm of listed securities under company law due to legal necessities. Yet, our innovative vision extends beyond technology meaning that we aim to swiftly transition to a cooperative model with multistakeholder articles. These carefully designed articles will need to be prepared with care and will not only embody our cooperative ethos but importantly they will also guide and inspire other companies transitioning to coops.

Be Part of Our Story

Coop Exchange is more than a fintech startup; it's a community of individuals and organisations united by a common goal – to disrupt the current financial orthodoxy and to shape a sustainable financial future for generations to come. Whether you are an investor, a cooperative, or someone passionate about making a difference, we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.

For inquiries, partnerships, or to become part of our growing community, contact us at