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The Future of Raising Capital through Equity with Coop Exchange

Equity Financing for Cooperatives

Coop Exchange is dedicated to empowering cooperatives by facilitating access to equity financing. We’re building a platform uniquely designed to connect cooperatives seeking capital with a network of investors interested in supporting ventures that align with cooperative principles and values.

Tailored Equity Solutions

Using the mix of business, finance and cooperative experience within our team Coop Exchange we’re building a platform to facilitate the offering of equity financing in the form of restricted voting investor shares. This approach will allow cooperatives to raise funds while maintaining cooperative values and principles and without risk of demutualisation.

Suitable For

  • Existing Cooperatives: Expand operations, invest in new projects, or refinance existing debts.
  • Spin-outs from Existing Coops or Mutuals: Secure funding to establish new cooperative venture while leveraging the reputation of a parent organisation.
  • Exiting Businesses Transitioning to a Cooperative Model: Smoothly transition an existing business into a cooperative by raising the capital necessary to buy out the existing shareholders.
  • Cooperative Startups: Kickstart a cooperative venture with the necessary funding to cover initial costs and operations.

Our Future Process

Our team is building a process that enables us to:

  • Understanding Your Needs: We want a platform that starts by understanding your cooperative’s vision, mission, and financial requirements.
  • Structuring the Deal: Based on your needs, we are developing processes that will help structure equity deals that align with your goals while appealing to thenetwork of sustainable finance investors we are building.
  • Compliance and Regulation: Our team will guide you through the necessary legal and compliance frameworks to ensure a smooth capital-raising process.
  • Connection with Investors: When launched utilise our platform to connect with investors who are specifically interested in supporting cooperative models and are aligned with your mission.

Why will Coop Exchange become you partner for Equity Financing?

  • Cooperative Expertise: Our deep understanding of the cooperative model ensures that our equity financing solutions will be tailored to preserve your cooperative’s values and governance.
  • Investor Network: Gain access to the diverse group of investors we’re building and who value sustainable, socially responsible ventures and are eager to support cooperative growth.
  • Strategic Support: Benefit from our strategic guidance throughout your future fundraising process to maximise your cooperative’s potential for success.

Stay in touch

To learn more about how Coop Exchange plans to build financial solutions tailored to coops, please contact us at

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