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Join the Cooperative Crowdfunding Revolution: Coming to Coop Exchange


Imagine being part of a movement that empowers communities and drives sustainable development through investment. This opportunity is on the horizon with Coop Exchange's cooperative crowdfunding platform.

We are in the process of creating an exciting new platform at Coop Exchange, dedicated to reshaping how cooperatives are funded, by connecting them with sustainable investors like you.

Why Cooperative Crowdfunding?

  • Community Impact: Investing in cooperatives through crowdfunding allows you to directly contribute to community-driven, socially responsible businesses focused on creating a positive impact.
  • Accessible Investment: Our cooperative crowdfunding model is designed to make investment accessible to a broader audience, allowing for smaller investment amounts with potentially significant community and financial returns.
  • Innovative Diversification: By participating in cooperative crowdfunding, you're not just investing money; you're supporting innovation and diversification in your investment portfolio, tapping into new, ground-level sustainable opportunities.

Potential Advantages of Using Coop Exchange

  • User-Friendly Platform: Our upcoming platform will make it easy for you to explore, evaluate, and invest in cooperative projects, all within a secure and intuitive online environment.
  • Transparency and Engagement: We are committed to providing complete transparency in all crowdfunding projects. You'll have access to detailed information about each cooperative and its impact goals.
  • Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded investors and receive expert advice from our team, ensuring a rewarding and informed crowdfunding experience.

Ethical Investment Compliance

Assured Compliance and Ethics: Rest assured, all crowdfunding opportunities will be vetted to ensure alignment with the Cooperative Identity, environmental, social and governance scores published and compliance with financial regulations, ensuring a trustworthy investment process.

Stay in touch

We’re on an exciting journey and we’d love for you to stay connected, for more information, reach out to us at

Please note that the content of this page is for general information and educational purposes only. In so far as it refers to Coop Exchange’s potential services these relate to a future state once the Coop Exchange platform is launched and appropriately regulated. The information is not provided, and should not be construed as the provision of financial advice, the promotion of an investment product, or dealings or arrangements in investments. Investments bring risk and so anyone wishing to invest (whether in coops equities, debt or other securities) should first obtain appropriate advice from an authorised person, please see our Regulatory Notice.