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Crowdfunded Loans for Spin-Outs from Cooperatives or Mutuals

Kickstarting New Ventures with Community-Backed Financing

At Coop Exchange, we’re building a platform solution that will empower divisions or projects within cooperatives or mutuals to become independent entities through crowdfunded loans. This approach provides essential startup capital or project funding through community-driven support.

Crowdfunded Loans for Cooperative Spin-Outs

We're building a solution that will support:

  • Tailored Financial Solutions: crowdfunding loans that offer a flexible and engaging way for spin-outs to raise necessary funds, enabling them to establish themselves as independent cooperatives.
  • Connecting with Community Investors: allowing spin-outs to tap into a network of individuals and institutions who are interested in supporting innovative cooperative ventures.

Potential Advantages for Spin-Outs

  • Initial Capital without Dilution: Raise funds while retaining control and decision-making within the new cooperative structure.
  • Strengthen Community Bonds: Engage with a supportive community that is invested in the success of the spin-out, fostering long-term relationships.
  • Alignment with Cooperative Principles: Crowdfunding aligns with the cooperative ethos of community involvement and democratic participation.

Our Future Role and Support

The platform we’re building will be designed so that we can:

  • Campaign Assistance: guide spin-outs in setting up and running effective crowdfunding campaigns, showcasing their vision and potential to prospective backers.
  • Market Outreach: Utilise our platform to maximise the reach of the crowdfunding campaign, connecting with a diverse audience interested in cooperative development.
  • Navigating the Process: Ensure adherence to financial regulations and best practices in crowdfunding, providing a smooth and compliant fundraising journey.

Stay in touch

To learn more about how Coop Exchange plans to build financial solutions tailored to coops, please contact us at

Please note that the content of this page is for general information and educational purposes only. In so far as it relates to Coop Exchange’s potential services these relate to a future state once the Coop Exchange platform is launched and appropriately regulated. The information is not provided, and should not be construed as the provision of financial advice, the promotion of an investment product or dealings or arrangements in investments. Investments bring risk and so anyone wishing to invest (whether in coops equities, debt or other securities) should first obtain appropriate advice from an authorised person before doing so, please see also our Regulatory Notice.