About us About VME Coop

We are the leading provider of retail technology software to retail co-ops in the UK. With more than 30 years in the market, and with a presence in 70% of the UK’s food coops, we’ve established strong and sustainable customer relationships which allow us to partner with our retailer customers in every step of their journey.

Our entrepreneurial culture means that we are used to thinking big and adapting quickly, and with our ambitious plans for growth now is a great time to work at VME, helping us deliver on our mission to support cooperatives and other ethical retailers globally.

VME Co-op was created in 2019, to acquire VME Retail, and convert it into a competitive advantage for the global consumer coop movement.

**VME - What are worker cooperatives and sociocracy?**

Worker cooperatives
are democratic firms owned by the people who work in them. The leadership is elected on a one-worker-one-vote basis, and the profits are shared to the workers in a fair way. Because people working in the company have a say and a stake in the business, worker cooperatives have been shown to have a higher productivity and lower risk of bankruptcy. That is also one reason they are increasing in popularity - in the early 1970s there were only around 20 worker cooperatives in the UK. Now the number is more than 400 and growing. While some might assume that democratic decision making would only be suitable for small firms, the success of many worker cooperatives show this is not the case. For example, the largest company in the most prosperous region of Spain, the Basque country, is a 80,000 workers strong Mondragon worker cooperative.

However, we at VME take democracy even further than most worker cooperatives. In addition to having employees elect the leadership of our firm that makes top-level decisions, the day-to-day decisions are also made democratically using a method called “sociocracy”.

In a sociocracy, an organisation is divided into “circles”, small groups of people that have a responsibility in one area of operations (sales, product development, marketing, etc.) with clearly defined aims. The circles meet regularly, report to each other and are small enough to form a consensus on decisions. If consensus cannot be formed, a vote can take place - although this is rarely if ever the case. All members can join any and as many circles as they want, with circles being reorganised every 6 months. If there are more applicants to a circle than there are positions, then an election takes place. In these elections all employees can cast their vote. The Management Circle also has the ability to appoint employees to circles to ensure each circle has the required mix of expertise, but the majority of circle members are always directly democratically decided by the employees. Employees who are not members of a particular circle can still submit ideas or topics of discussion for the circle. However, only circle members have the power to make decisions.

Whereas in a conventional company, the CEO and the board make decisions that others implement, in VME we have another, somewhat opposite, approach. The circles are there to make decisions and not merely to ‘do’ what others have decided - the role of our CEO and the board is to preside over the circles, ensure company law compliance and act as a safety valve on critical decisions. We believe that a top-down command based management is not only unfair, but more inefficient - when everyone can participate in decision making, better decisions are made and people are more satisfied with the decisions. It also fosters innovation by encouraging people to take initiative and come up with new ideas that they can implement.

By joining VME, not only do you become an employee - you also become an owner and manager of our enterprise.

Our Team

  • Richard Bridges

    VP of Sales, based in Scotland

    Richard started off working in a Clydebank Co-op store, and there he quickly progressed up to management level. The CEO of Clydebank Co-op recommended that Richard join VME so he could use his skills to benefit lots of other retailers. Richard currently is the VP of Sales within the company, but also takes a hands-on role in customer management and projects within the business. Loves Golf and played at county level and he stills play regularly on a Saturday afternoon. If not working and playing golf, love chilling out by binging on various TV series or movies. Favourite Quote: “Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up”

  • Richard Coyle

    Director, based in Scotland

    Richard has been a director of VME since 2004. He started as a software developer in 2000 and now looks after the entire software development team. He has worked in Retail IT almost all of his working life, so customers and suppliers aside consider him a 'guru' on using software to solve retailer's problems.

  • Stewart Ross

    Chief Operating Officer, based in Scotland

    Stewart has a strong background in the Retail and Food Manufacturing industries and having spent 19 years at Scotmid Coop before moving onto Genius Foods for 3 years as Head of IT, Stewart then moved to VME Coop in August 2017 as Chief Operating Officer. The role of Chief Operating Officer allows him to supply leadership and guidance to the fellow owners within the business. Stewart works closely with our customers and constantly builds relationships to ensure that we can support them fully in their ever-evolving business. Stewart brings a strong work ethic and is a strong believer that no task is above anybody. Stewart spends time with his children and wife and when he is lucky enough to have the time, enjoys a game of Golf. Favourite Quote: “What we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do”

  • Stephen Gill

    Founder CEO, based in Malta

    Stephen started working with Scotmid Co-op in 1995, having an IT background. He joined VME Retail in 1999, and led a management buy out in 2004. Since then, he has worked hard with VME’s customers to help them improve their margins and reduce unnecessary admin functions. Favourite quote: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

  • Kenrick Bartolo

    Support Team Leader, based in Malta

    Kenrick is passionate about modern technology and is quite an ambitious person who sees challenges as opportunities. In 2019, Kenrick joined VME as a 1st Line support agent, working in this role led him to become the 1st Line Support Team leader. Being loyal to his role, Kenrick's main focus is to lead his team with empathy and encouragement. Kenrick feels that his role helps him to empower his team to achieve what they don't think is possible, whilst practicing good time management to ensure customer satisfaction. Having years of experience in customer support and leadership has taught Kenrick a lot in the past years and he believes that he can engage others by inspiring, motivating and bringing out the best in them, whilst also having a proactive approach at things, to make our operations much smoother which will result in a better customer experience for our customers. In Kenrick’s free time he likes to learn new things to gain new skills. Recently he has started a 'python' course online which he found very interesting and believes that it will help him in his career in the long run. When he’s not studying, he likes to catchup with friends, either by meeting in person or playing competitive games online. Favourite Quote: ''The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing''

  • Aaron Stewart

    General Council, based in Northern Ireland

    Aaron joined VME 3 years ago in 2019 and has brought with him a wealth of experience. He first started working with VME back in 2004 when VME was a client for one of his firms. He has 20 years’ experience on commercial legal issues, but apart than that, Aaron’s passion is innovation, and so trying to capture the innovative products and solutions in our contracts is a great fit for him. When Aaron is not red-lining text or studying for his current master’s degree/MA into cooperative managements, he loves spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters and catching up on movies. Favourite Quote: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself "

  • Andre Grech

    PHP & Front-end team leader, based in Malta

    From an early age Andre had an interest in computers and chose the career path of a software developer which till now has led him into a Team Leader role for the PHP team in Malta.   His role revolves around coordinating development work flowing into the PHP team and with the rest of the company. This includes requirement gathering, estimating workloads, overseeing the team's Scrum process, and monitoring support tasks that the PHP team are responsible for.  Andre is very loyal and family-oriented person, he has a love for classic cars and enjoys his spare time tinkering in his small workshop.  Favourite Quote: "If you don't take care of yourself, nobody else will.” 

  • Anne Marie Barbara

    Marketing, based in Malta

    Anne Marie has been working with VME for 5 years where she works closely with the HR Department. Being very oraganized, AnneMarie helps to keep documents and files organized, schedules calendar events, communicates with third parties, keeps employee records up to date and helps organize events for employees, research, etc. Anne Marie is a mum to two daughters and tries to spend as much quality time with them as possible, she also enjoy walking, camping, traveling, and shopping. Favourite Quote: “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

  • Anthony (Ant) Kazara

    Project Team Coordinator, based in Malta

    Ant is originally from the UK, though he has also lived in Cyprus for a number of years. Originally, he came to Malta for a short 4-day break (That was 23 years ago!). He has extensive experience in sales (28+ years), and brings a different way of thinking to VME, which has led him to be part of the Project team, which focuses on various customers and upcoming projects.   Ant is the type of person who will go the extra mile and tries his utmost best to help others whenever possible / needed. In his free time Ant is a big animal lover, tries to keep fit, loves gaming, cooking for friends, cars & bikes. He is an avid collector of watches & whiskies and enjoys nothing more than inviting friends over to sample new bottles. Being Married to a Maritime Lawyer / Senior Lecturer is not easy as life can be hectic at times, but on weekends he makes sure they spend as much time together with their 5 cats.   Favourite Quote: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paolo Coelho's 'The Alchemist" 

  • Caillin Campsie

    2nd Line Support Officer, based in Scotland

    Caillin joined VME in 2018 and is part of VME's support team. Some of his responsibilities involve investigating & resolving reported issues and also helping our clients with any issues, though he is also involved in a certain amount of testing and project work as well. Recently, he has been working more closely with some of the development teams to provide them with an end-user and Support point of view during the development of our Online Shopping products and has acted as the primary point of contact whist rolling the products out." Caillin has a passion for cooking and hand-tool woodworking, and he also enjoys taking part in Viking-age re-enactments with Regia Angolum.   Favorite quote: "When properly recited in appropriate surroundings, Viking-Age poetry can taste like cold iron on the tongue, its complex rhyme schemes building upon one another like layers of frost - treacherous but beautiful." 

  • Callum Wilson

    Project Team Coordinator, based in Scotland

    Callum has been working with VME for 7 years in various roles,where in the last 4 years, he has been working with customers, taking them from the initial sales journey all the way to bringing their sites inline with VME's solutions. He is part of the Project Team as a project coordinator. Callum has over 16 years of sales experience, working with customers face to face and over the phone, and also online where he finds solutions for their needs. His primary duties include coordinating both VME and Customer Schedules, Removing any obstacles that will stop customer key deadlines from been achieved . Supporting engineers with Image creation, New deployments of both hardware and software installations for existing customers and onboarding new customers to our system. Callum brings a positive mindset with his thinking that all problems can be solved and overcome with the right people. He is an IT enthusiast that has a habit of getting to the nitty gritty of systems and software, in order to understand how things work. He is highly adaptable to new situations that he has not worked with before, and will take on any task that is given to him and will ensure its completion. Callum enjoys spending time with his family exploring the outdoors and travelling. He is a huge Tech fan and loves tinkering with new tech & learning new software. Favourite quote: "What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others." - Diogenes

  • Casey Formosa

    .NET Senior Software Engineer, based in Malta

    Casey is one of the members for the .NET Team software engineers' team. Our .NET team focus on the software's life cycle, supporting existing products, implementing new products, as well as any testing of our products. As a team, their primary focus is the POS.  As a team member, Casey clearly understands her role within the team and strives to achieve her duties to the best of her ability with lots of enthusiasm and dedication. During her free time, Casey enjoys going for a swim (weather permitting), watching the sunset, and scrapbooking. Casey also attends a weekly yoga class to try and maintain her physical and mental wellbeing.  Favorite Quote: "Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror. Just keep going, no feeling is final" - Rainer Maria Rilke  

  • Chris Brown

    2nd line support worker, based in Scotland

    Chris has been working with VME for the just over 7 years as part of the support team His day-to-day workflow covers a wide range of 2nd line, 3rd line, and project tasks, such as investigating & resolving reported issues, helping our clients with any escalated issues. With lots of self-motivation, Chris is a team player, a creative problem solver, has a strong desire to learn and improve. Dependable with a very strong work ethic and a constant mentor to his colleagues.He also has the ability to tell terrible jokes. In his spare time, Chris enjoys climbing Munro's, running, cinema, DIY, beer festivals, and Is also a dab hand at cooking Favourite quote: ““Never trust a man, who when left alone with a tea cosy"... Doesn't try it on.” - Billy Connolly

  • Chris Proctor

    2nd Line Support Team Worker, based in Scotland

    Chris is originally from Fife but currently resides in Kirkcaldy and has been working with VME for 7 years as a 2nd line support officer.He handles issues escalated up to the 2ndline team from the 1st linet team, that need a more in-depth look, as well as other working on other tasks such as: software testing and error replication. Chris is a keen problem solver and likes to work on detail oriented tasks. He is a strong believer in VME's core values, especially those in regards with working with and supporting the co-operative movement. Chris is a family man and loves to spend his time with them. His hobbies include paintball and tabletop games such as. Warhammer 40k Favourite quote: "What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others." - Diogenes

  • David Spence

    Senior Software Developer, based in Scotland

    As a software developer, David is responsible (along with his team) for the upkeep of many projects (mostly .NET). David joined VME 4 years ago, to which his role led him to be an avid SQL developer and so, he writes most of the SQL code for our Uploader project (which uploads the data from the HO and BO to Eposity). David is also a major BI developer, who has created many Power BI reports in the recent past. He is extremely passionate about his work, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to VME. David has exceptional programming and SQL knowledge and is familiar with most aspects of the business, whilst also being very logical in his thinking and has as strong capacity for learning new things as they evolve. David loves sports and music, he owns an eclectic music collection but spends most of my time nowadays entertaining his grandkids.  Favourite Quote: “In the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king” 

  • Dave Martindale

    Senior .NET Software Developer, based in Scotland

    Dave's been working with VME for 9 years now and is one of the senior developers who mainly focuses on our "Eposity" product.  He was also involved in the development of some of our other products such as Android HHT, Back Office Extra and also Branch Charging Products.   Dave has a determined character and won't give up easily. He excels in high standards of quality and makes sure that his work is done at the highest standard possible. Dave makes sure that he fits in a run a few times a week, also he is involved in the local park run.

  • Ian Borg

    Junior PHP Developer, based in Malta

    Ian joined VME 4 months ago and is part of the PHP team in Malta, where he works as a Junior Laravel Developer. He has a keen eye for detail and a knack for keeping everything organised and is also someone who does not give up easily on any challenging problems solving issues. Although Ian is one of our latest recruits to VME, he is proving to be reliable and responsible in his work and he brings extensive software knowledge to our coop.  Ian enjoys spending most of his free time, reading, running & playing guitar.  Favourite quote: “The only zen you'll find on mountain tops is the zen you bring up there with you” 

  • Ify Agunu

    1st Line Support Officer, based in Malta

    Ify is a highly skilled Customer Support Expert committed to providing exceptional service to businesses and end users. Having worked across several sectors and armed with a BSc (Hons) in Information Systems from the University of Hertfordshire, Ify is a lifelong learner dedicated to continuously making a positive impact in her immediate environment and the world at large. Ify joined VME team as a first line support team member.   Major responsibilities include troubleshooting, investigating and resolving software / hardware related issues within specified SLA.   Ify has very strong core values which she brought with her to VME, and that has become second nature in her dedication, dependability, positive attitude and splendid work ethic. Ify loves to spend her spare time Volunteering, likes Travelling and Blogging. Favourite Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world” 

  • Kevin Attard

    .NET Senior Software Engineer, based in Malta

    Kevin joined VME in mid-2016 as a .NET software developer, back then the Malta office was just starting up and most of the team was new to the company. Kevin’s been helping on Intellistore POS and other .NET backend systems ever since.  Playing drums has been a passion for Kevin since college. he mostly plays at home to relax, but also occasionally plays with a band live. PC gaming is also something Kevin frequently enjoys. Kevin considers himself a bit of a geek when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy books. He also enjoys a good run or sports. In his youth Kevin was involved with a couple of NGOs and that has given him a strong interest in volunteering and social activism. Currently he is helping a local NGO with formatting and installing some laptops.  “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”. - J.R.R. Tolkien 

  • Marylee Farrugia

    Deputy Chief of Staff, based in Malta

    Marylee joined VME in 2019 and has more than 10 years of hands-on experience in leading and managing multi-cultural project teams, mainly focusing on young people and communities within the cooperative world.   She brings extensive cooperative knowledge and experiences via a broad range of working environments, which is helping her in her current roles.  Cooperatives are her passion, and with that, her primary focus and main goals are to always promote good co-operative values and principles, all the while, striving to achieve equal treatment and opportunites for all our colleagues by supporting positive change, so that she that can make a genuine difference wherever she is. " Marylee has a lively English Springer "Bailey", who loves to be taken for long walks where she can bounce through long grass and paddle in streams. Marylee is also into fitness and loves to read books. Recently she has come to love plants, albeit with a trial-and-error approach!   Favourite Quote: “When in Doubt - Close your Eyes!” 

  • Mike Buchanan

    2nd Line Support Officer, based in Scotland

    Mike has been working with VME for 3 years as part of the 2nd line support team. Before joining VME, Mike spent the last few years working in Customer IT Support, mainly within EPOS and Card Payment Industry, so he brought with him, some added experience working within the Card Payment Industry. Mike has an avid interest in emerging new computing technologies, with more of a preferential interest to Linux computing subjects. Also, he likes to jog for fun and enjoys general fitness. He also has greenfingers and likes tending to his garden. Favourite quote: "If at first you don't succeed, then try harder..!!!!"

  • Nigel Cini

    1st Line Support Officer, based in Malta

    Nigel is a 1st line support officer, which means that he is one of the first people in contact with any of our customers having IT related issues concerning our software. Nigel has a good work ethic and works well with his team members. Nigel is into gaming, cars, and football. Favourite Quote: "Always keep fighting" 

  • Noelle Baudant

    Senior Software Developer, based in Northern Ireland

    Noelle has been working with VME for the just 25+ years as a software developer and has a vast knowledge of customers and products. In her spare time, Noelle enjoys playing tennis and various other sports.

  • Pablo Martelletti

    Head of Development, based in Malta

    Pablo was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved 5 and half years ago to Malta to join the newly opened Malta Office, after a few years Pablo became the Head of development, and his job is to take care of various development teams within VME, by making sure they hit their deadlines, all the while guiding them whenever they look to him for help. Pablo from time to time also meets with clients to discuss our products and security measures, as well as doing some development for internal tools and is involved in any technical discussions for new products. Pablo is passionate about his job and focuses on giving the best possible results. Pablo is a Football enthusiast and enjoys every aspect of it. Also, even though it is part of his daily job, he enjoys programming as a hobby and loves investigating modern technologies. When he’s not programming or doing something football-related, he enjoys playing Padel and watching Netflix.  Favourite Quote: "Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better." - Edward Djikstra 

  • Philip Bonnici

    1st Line Support Officer, based in Malta

    Working as a First Line Support Officer, Philip is one of the first points of contact for our customers and any issues. Philip always tries his best to resolve the reported issues as quickly as possible, having worked in customer facing jobs, Philip has always understood the importance of placing himself in the shoes of the customer, and tries his best to always do the utmost possible to resolve their issues in a timely manner.  Philip’s favourite hobby is PC gaming which he has been doing for the past ~16 years. Recently he's been very interested in design & editing and has been learning Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. 

  • Ryan Camilleri

    1st Line Support Officer, based in Malta

    As part of the 1st Line Support Team, which is the first point of contact for VME customers. Ryan ensures that stores are up to date with file transfers, whilst also supporting and dealing with any software & hardware issues. He is a hardworking team player and goes the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. Ryan in his spare time enjoys music events, travelling & international cuisines. 

  • Scott Coyle

    2nd Line Support Officer, based in Scotland

    Scott has been working with VME for the past four years as part of the support team His day-to-day workflow is catered around supporting our employees and ensuring that VME systems within stores are working as they should be. Scott brings a positive attitude to VME with innovative ideas on improving our systems. He likes to complete his work to the highest standards whilst avoiding any cutting of corners and ensuring that our systems are working to their fullest potential for our customers. In his spare time Scott plays the snare drums, likes to train MMA (Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, and BJJ). Favourite quote: “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”  - Mick Kremling 

  • Stefan Lia

    .NET Team Leader, based in Malta

    Stefan is the .NET Team Leader and works mainly on VME's POS application. He joined VME back in June 2016, when the Malta branch was first opened. Stefan is responsible for Malta's .NET Team, which primarily focuses on POS developments alongside other teams, planning and coordinating the work being done on the POS. Stefan also plans sprints and workloads for our teams based on the business needs and makes sure that team members have all the necessary information to carry out the required work. He makes sure that team members can perform their duties to their fullest capabilities and are able to grow within their roles. When time permit Stefan mostly enjoys spending time with family, reading, or playing video games.  Favourite Quote: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin 

  • Steven Blair

    .NET Team Leader, based in Scotland

    Coming from the EFT Industry, Steven is a Software Architect with VME, and in his day-to-day work is mainly based around Eposity, whilst also working in other areas such as V2 / Android HHT. Steven is the team leader for the Scotland .NET team. His experience ensures the building of secure and efficient transaction processing systems, and more recently domain driven designs and even stores, which will be a core part of our products in the future.  Steven enjoys running and even writes his own music.

  • Stuart Ferguson

    Senior Software Engineer, based in Scotland

    Stuart has been working with VME for around 3 and half years as a senior software engineer. His main role is working on the development and maintainence of Eposity (Including our Power BI reporting) and also our Android HHT application. Stuart brings over 15 years of experience in various technologies over the years and brings with him, a can do attitude to any tasks or new technology given to him. Stuart is a keen Golfer with a handicap of 6.8. He also enjoys watching football and spending his free time at the weekend with his partner and three sons.

  • William Burbidge

    3rd Line Support Officer, based in Scotland

    Willie joined VME 17 years ago and has been involved in many projects within VME over the years, his role with VME is as a 3rd line support officer and he deals with any ongoing issues taht are escalated to him by 1st and 2nd Line support teams. He is very customer focused and will go the extra mile to ensure any customer issues are resolved quickly and permanently. Willie does not give up easily when looking at issues and will ask for support’s help when required. He strongly believes in giving the best service to VME’s clients guaranteeing optimal customer satisfaction. William is a family man and was heavily involved in coaching youth football for over 25 years in his local area, which involved all aspects of running local football teams with ages from 3 years up to 18 years. Now he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and supporting them with their activities.  Favourite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take”. 

  • Brian Cachia Treeby

    .NET Senior Software Engineer, based in Malta


  • Saverio Migale

    Junior PHP Developer, based in Malta